Penn Station Fundraiser Day – March 7

Partner with MBCC by Going Out to Eat

Tuesday, March 7 is an MBCC Fundraiser Day at Penn Station in Elkhart.  On that day, simply follow these three steps and eating out at Penn Station will become a ministry to MBCC!!  That’s because 20% of sales to MBCC token holders will be donated to MBCC.

  1. Print out an MBCC fundraiser token.  Each page has six tokens, so you can share tokens with your friends.  (Fundraiser Day Token – MBCC)
  2. Present your token when ordering on Tuesday, March 7.
  3. Thank the Penn Station staff for partnering with MBCC.

NOTE:  Please DO NOT distribute tokens on Penn Station property.  Doing so will disqualify MBCC from receiving funds from Penn Station.