Welcome to MBCC

Since 2009 MBCC has been serving the Michiana community, providing quality biblical counseling and biblical counseling training to hundreds of individuals and couples.

We approach counseling with the strong belief that there is no better counseling tool available than God’s Word!  Nothing else even comes close!  We believe that the one who made us, loves us, and wants what is best for us has given us His Word to clearly teach us how to live in this world in a way that REALLY WORKS!!!  Based on this strong belief, the foundation of our counsel is the Word of God, allowing us to counsel with great joy and confidence.

MBCC, Inc. offers counseling at affordable rates that are significantly below what you would typically find at a counseling center.

This is made possible through the generous charitable donations of churches and individuals who embrace the vision and approach of MBCC.

Whether you are an individual desiring counseling, a person who desires to learn to counsel others more effectively, or a ministry leader who needs help in dealing with difficult situations, we are here to serve you.